Modular kitchen in steel Chennai


Why should you pick a stainless steel modular kitchen above any other type?

Have you ever wondered what advantages a kitchen made of stainless steel has over ones made of other materials? When creating interior spaces for domestic usage, such as homes, there are numerous technical design considerations to make, including:


  • Lighting
  • Material
  • Sound waves
  • Shelves and the Mechanism of Opening
  • Practical Square Inches

Why is stainless steel used in designer kitchens?


Outstanding technical and aesthetic qualities are possible with stainless steel, not to mention sustainability. Let’s examine the key features of stainless steel and the factors that have contributed to its growing appeal to a cautious and sophisticated consumer base, a passionate cook, as well as family and friends.


Technical details about stainless steel


One metal alloy that has exceptional resisting qualities is stainless steel. The content of chromium in the substance is enormous, ranging from 11 to 30%. This mixture keeps stainless steel from corroding and rusting even when it is exposed to air and water on a constant basis. In fact, chromium oxide is created when the element chromium, which oxidises with oxygen, is changed. .


Stainless steel is an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable material that is easy to clean and biologically neutral, making it the perfect choice for hygiene in home settings. An everlasting substance, one that is endearing and useful and that ages gradually without losing any of its qualities. These are a few of the primary technical qualities that make stainless steel the clear winner in home environments.



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ADARAS is a one-stop shop with a wide array of features and options for your pragmatic and lifestyle kitchen requirements. The right cabinet interiors, storage, and kitchen accessories automatically create an organized kitchen.

Info for Professionals

Get into the nitty-gritty of kitchen planning by reviewing the 40 Space Planning Standard guidelines for Kitchens which serve as a reference starting point rather than as hard-and-fast rules.

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