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SS 304 cabinets in chennai

The standard of living in India underwent a metamorphosis in the 90s. Today the gap between the standard of living of the top demographic population of India and their counterparts in developed economies is very small. Modern Indian homes depict a statement of the owner’s lifestyle. ADARAS KITCHENS® is the brand name of ADARAS Design Studio, a proprietorship company based in Chennai.


ADARAS KITCHENS® is created by enterprising entrepreneur, Sripathi P Sreenivas who sensed the need to redefine the Kitchens in Indian Homes. Sripathi P Sreenivas, an interior designer by qualification, has a wide experience in the Interior Industry and been backed with 21+ years of vast experience in the International & the Indian Building Industry market. He has successfully established a brand COUNTERs® which deals specifically in Interior Counter Top Solutions and is a Business Partner for DuPont.


ADARAS KITCHENS® is a brand specifically dealing in Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes. The showroom displays Kitchen with International Style & Products, designed to be suitable for Indian Cooking. Our collection caters to a price range across the board suitable to a wide array of customers. Not only ADARAS KITCHENS® represent some of the leading Kitchen component Suppliers from all over the world, but ADARAS KITCHENS® also welcomes its well-wishers to their showroom to see and feel the very latest in Kitchen designs, accessories, and finishes.


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ADARAS is a one-stop shop with a wide array of features and options for your pragmatic and lifestyle kitchen requirements. The right cabinet interiors, storage, and kitchen accessories automatically create an organized kitchen.

Info for Professionals

Get into the nitty-gritty of kitchen planning by reviewing the 40 Space Planning Standard guidelines for Kitchens which serve as a reference starting point rather than as hard-and-fast rules.

SS 304 cabinets in chennai


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